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Rent ’n Connect partners with the leading mobile telecom operators in the UK to provide you the fastest and most secure connection available. While there will always be great coverage in populated cities and towns, if you are traveling to uninhabited areas we recommend you to contact us by sending mail to uk@rentnconnect.com so that we can verify the coverage.

In the exceptional situation that there is no coverage at your travel destinations, you can cancel your Rent ‘n Connect rental.

The device will work both in the UK and EU countries.

Your package will be shipped to your hotel or address with DPD, Royal Mail or equivalent. The package shall be delivered to the selected point of pick-up prior to your arrival, however please check below for delivery times supported.

For London: 
Rent ’n Connect can deliver your package same day if you place your order before 12.00 pm, and next day if you place your order after 12.00.

If arrival date is on a weekend, please make sure to order in advance at least 3-4 days to ensure delivery in advance. 

For All other locations: 
Rent ’n Connect will send your device same day if you place your order before 12.00 pm, and latest next day if you place your order after 12.00 during the weekdays. Your device will be delivered to your location of pick-up in upto 2 business days. Please contact us by sending mail to uk@rentnconnect.com if the date of arrival is shorter than 3 business days, and we can provide information on when it could be delivered.

If your start date is on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday) and there is less than 3 business days for the start of your rental, please contact us. We will provide information on when the device could be delivered, and we will also check if it is possible to deliver on the weekend (extra charges apply).

If either start or finish location is outside of the UK, please contact us. We will provide information about the options available and if any extra charges will apply. If you have questions about the delivery or return options please contact us via the live chat or by sending mail to uk@rentnconnect.com for arrangements and pricing.

Return cost for returning your device and accessories is covered by us in the UK. Please follow the instructions below to return your package and if you have any questions or face any issues please contact us by sending mail to uk@rentnconnect.com for support.

Return Instructions

You can return your device in the provided return shipping box from any Post Office in the UK.

Please follow the below steps to return your package.

1.) Place all devices and accessories in the Rent 'n Connect box. 

2.) Place this box in the "Return Envelope" that you have received inside the box.

3.) Give the envelope to the staff at Post Office counter and take your receipt.

Please make sure to keep shipping receipt that will be printed at the Post Office in case needed for tracking the package.

Post Office Locations


If you have any trouble finding a Post Office or questions about how to return, please e-mail to support@rentnconnect.com or WhatsApp to +90 543 885 15 96

Please contact us by sending mail to uk@rentnconnect.com if you want to make any changes regarding your reservation.

It is always possible for you to extend your rental. To do so, you can always contact us 

You can cancel your reservation without any penalties 1 day before your reservation’s starting date. Otherwise, we will charge you for the delivery cost and refund you the rest of the amount.

Please check the Products page for the upto date products / services and the pricing. 10% discount applies for orders 7 days and more. There is a fixed charge of 12 GBP for the delivery and return of the device in the UK.

Rent ’n Connect accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express payment options. Please click here to make your reservation for Unlimited Mobile Hotspot in UK.

You can enter the discount code in the Apply Promo / Voucher field in the booking form, and the discount shall be applied immediately.

You will be billed immediately upon your reservation.

20% VAT shall be added to the rental fee.


We will deliver your device to hotel reception before your arrival. (Available in all cities). If your hotel reservation name is different than the device rental name, please mention the hotel booking name in the notes of your order.

*If your place of stay is not an hotel, please provide full address including the house / flat owner name, and flat number to avoid delivery issues.