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16/05/2019 11:16

The Istanbul New Airport is the largest airport in the world, with a capacity to handle approximately 200 million passengers per year. It was officially opened on 29 October 2018.

The IATA code of the new Istanbul Airport is ‘IST’ and passengers can fly to more than 350 destinations via the Istanbul Airport. It is the first place that many local and international tourists will arrive, but where is this new airport? How does one travel from the new Istanbul airport to the city, or from the city to the airport?  

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18/04/2019 13:31

Why you should use pocket wifi?

Wifi connection provides users to enable to digital world from anywhere. As the world begins to become digital in every sense, people's internet need is increasing day by day.

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18/04/2019 12:05

Quality internet connection

In today's world, fast access to the internet has become one of our most basic needs. Now we are not only "online" in our workplaces and our homes, but we are also able to connect to the world via our mobile devices at every hour of the day. We need the internet – whether via our home network or a mobile phone hotspot - wherever we are, especially in terms of using social media and following our daily business. When we cannot access the internet, our lives can feel as if they have been disrupted.

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18/04/2019 11:34

What eliminates the disadvanteges of Wi-Fi hotspot devices ?

Wireless Fidelity, or Wi-Fi, devices are indispensable elements of our lives now. All the smartphones, tablets, TVs and laptops we use are connected to the internet through this technology and our life is, generally, lived amid areas where we have Wi-Fi access, whether that access is public Wi-Fi, private Wi-Fi or a mobile phone hotspot. 

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16/04/2019 13:53

Every day, millions of people connect to the internet from different locations - from cafes, shopping malls, restaurants and campuses – using a mobile hotspot, also known as a wifi hotspot device. However, terms such as hotspot, mobile hotspot, wifi hotspot device and wifi share can be confusing.

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09/04/2019 13:58

In recent years, hotspot internet sharing has become available almost everywhere, while access to open networks has expanded significantly. Public wireless network use is now considered indispensable.

It is probably accurate to say that the availability of an internet network is among the most important features that we seek in cafes and restaurants, at gyms, in hotels, and when we go on holidays. So, just how safe is it to use these convenient and free-of-charge wireless networks?

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04/02/2019 08:07

Contemporary world is the age of technology. Back in 80’s, GPS was a luxury, mainly associated with military and scouting. Star-mapping, moon positions and “asking someone” was the common ways of getting direction. Okay, maybe it is a bit exaggerated, yet today’s GPS navigation techs are so advanced and common to a level that was unimaginable in the past century. Maps are digitized and now both online and offline maps are doing their job perfectly on smartphones and tablets – in your pockets and bags. On your fingertips, easy and fast.,

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18/01/2019 18:35

Exploring by wandering within the small streets of Turkey can be one of the great benefits of traveling abroad. Because in this way you can discover the beauty of Turkey by yourself. Although you can easily find your way by asking or using a traditional map when you’re walking in a city center within Turkey, it may be difficult when you’re driving. In this case, navigation can serve as co-pilot and relieve you of enormous strain during your journey. Additionally, most of the navigation apps lighten this activity by showing helpful reviews and tips about Turkey and sharing local experiences.

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16/01/2019 16:50

Five Excellent Apps That Would Make Your Travel Much Easier and Delightful For Free

During your travels abroad, travel apps are your best aides. Maps and printed guides of the past century are already near-forgotten. What we have now is a wide and vast variety of interactive apps that would help you for a flawless travel experience during your stay in Turkey.

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15/01/2019 14:26

We have attended to various exhibitions about travelling, travel technology, entrepreneurship and marketing. By this way, we gathered with many leading professionals, marketers and entrepreneurs. Additionally, we provided Wi-­Fi Zones. So, participants could enjoy staying connected with our high speed, unlimited Wi‐Fi. Here are some of the exhibitions we have attended in.

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29/12/2018 15:22

Book yourself and your travel partners a pocket WiFi from rentnconnect.com and enjoy !

Many statistics show that the most famous and important new year’s resolutions as Save money, lose weight or get in shape, travel more, read more, learn a new skill or hobby and many more...

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26/12/2018 17:45

Pocket Wi-Fi is faster than normal Wi-Fi in many countries.It makes all tourists holidays easier.

Recent researches show that mobile networks provide faster download speeds than their broadband wi-fi counterparts in many countries including Turkey.

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27/12/2018 16:46

In our modern world, every service has its own alternatives as Wi-fi Hotspot Device does. Is iOS better than Android? Should I choose Windows or MacOS? What are the advantages of Mobile Hotspot Device versus phone? What makes Rent & Connect different from other mobile hotspot services?

If you are wondering why it is a way better and economical to use a Wi-Fi Device instead of the internet sharing option of your phone, do not worry, you are not alone. And yet again, no worries, because this blog article is going to explain you why. 

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25/12/2018 18:40

Rent'n Connect pocket wifi

A wifi hotspot device is a pocket-sized portable device that provides you your own internet wi-fi service. It uses local 4G (3G in some less-common areas) technology via GSM operators and converts it into wi-fi. Although modern smartphones also have this ability, a portable wifi device lasts much longer on battery and you do not need to replace your phone sim card with a local one.

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14/12/2018 15:19

Technology is evolving faster each day since the mid-1990s. Now, we are connected to each other more than ever. Our smartphones and PCs have eliminated all the burdens of staying connected.

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